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Know you can count on comfort and protection as you walk

Geox's collection of women’s shoes with a rubber sole offers you the perfect way to bring the utmost comfort and well-being to your days. What’s special about them? They are based on Geox's original technology which ensures comfortable, fresh and protected feet step after step. On our e-shop you will be able to choose from a wide variety of shoes with a rubber sole created with innovative technology and designed to be worn from morning to night. The sneakers with a rubber sole are the most versatile of them all. You can wear them to round off a sporty look at any time of the year or you can experiment to create new directional aesthetics dreamed up for the occasion. And if you always insist on well-being, comfort and protection even in a summer heat wave, the sandals with a rubber sole are just what you need. From office meetings to meals out at the weekend, you are bound to find what you want. Discover all the models in the Geox collection and match them effortlessly to your aesthetics.