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An ode to elegance

Geox's collection of elegant shoes for men includes a wide range of classic-looking footwear that strikes a perfect balance between stylishness and comfort. Our e-shop provides formal shoes loaded with breathable comfort. Shoes in plain or suede leather, but also formal loafers that allow you to dress appropriately for the occasion without having to forego practicality. For an impeccable business look, choose a pair of Derby shoes. An extremely modern style which will bring the best out of your suits. And being soft underfoot with a cushioning heel, they are the ideal solution when you have to rush from one engagement to another without having to worry about comfort. And if you want to complement a smart suit or some suave separates, you can’t go far wrong with a pair of Oxford shoes in a neutral palette. If you need a piece of footwear that is not only suitable for business meetings, but will double up for other occasions too, opt for the more formal styles with a sleek tapering toe. There can be no doubt that a pair of black shoes are a foundation piece for any refined wardrobe, but take a good look at some of the new arrivals in the Geox collection and you’ll discover that footwear in other shades like blue, beige or brown is just as stylish and easy to wear.