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Protect little feet from his very first steps

Geox's collection of shoes for baby boys is made up of a wide variety of models enhanced with breathable technology designed to provide your little one with the utmost well-being and all the support he needs as he experiences his first challenges. Enhanced with Geox-devised technology, our shoes are a combination of stylishness, comfort and adequate support. The footwear for newborns available on our e-shop is lightweight, hardwearing and breathable - the ideal way to provide your child's feet with comfort and lightweightness throughout their growing process. The first-steps shoes include sneakers and sandals with riptape fastenings which are not only really easy to slip on, but also provide babies’ feet with all the support they need. Allow them to experience the breathable comfort of Disney shoes as they begin to explore the world - a collection packed with different styles featuring cartoon-world characters that will brighten their wardrobe with good cheer. For their first days at nursery school, a pair of shoes with lights might also become a perfect partner that will never let them down. Crafted from the best materials around, they light up and switch off for plenty of fun as children walk and run. If you are looking for some casual shoes suitable for the winter season too, don't hesitate to browse our wide variety of boots. For summer you will be delighted to discover our collection of sandals for newborn boys: you will find styles suited to all occasions, whether these be special events or his first seaside holiday.