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The latest drop on our e-commerce site includes a huge variety of footwear that will allow you to make the choice that best suits your mood or fits with your requirements. Anyone who works in an office environment will know that you can never have too many pairs of formal shoes. They are not only vital for important meetings and business trips, but they are also indispensable for special-occasion looks. Our collection also boasts leather shoes and suede shoes - classic-looking styles based on Geox’s exclusive patented breathable technology that ensures a blissful sensation of well-being from morning to night. Our loafers are also an excellent solution for more formal situations. And if you are looking to renew your winter wardrobe, try a pair of ankle boots and you’ll soon find that you can’t do without their comfortable design. But no repertoire is ever complete without at least one pair of casual shoes. Sneakers and slip ons are always on the top of sportslovers’ wish lists, but this kind of footwear is so versatile that it appeals to those who usually prefer a more restrained aesthetic as well. If you are looking for a pair of shoes that are so light you forget you are wearing them, go for Spherica™ which features a special cushioning outsole to make you feel you are walking on air from dawn to dusk. Or those from the Xand 2™ range which guarantees the utmost comfort and cushioning. The Aerantis™ sneakers are innovative too. With a special system that allows air to circulate around the foot, they make sure you feel constantly fresh and dry regardless of how many kilometres you have walked or how long you've been standing up. If comfort is not something you are prepared to compromise on, don’t miss out on Nebula™. What is their particular quality? A lining featuring cavities, large perforations on the outsole and a breathable membrane - a clever combination that will deliver matchless levels of comfort.