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    Give your children’s feet the perfect support with the products in our summer selection, designed for summer but also ideal for warmer days as the seasons change!

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Grown-ups love them due to their amazing levels of comfort and kids adore them because a pair of gym shoes provide great ease of movement and make you feel you can do whatever you want. A wardrobe wouldn't be a wardrobe without a pair of sneakers! Geox's sneaker collection for girls features special breathable technology which keeps little feet fresh and dry all the time. There could be no better partner for their adventure-packed days and no better way to keep their spirits high. If a pair of smart shoes are the perfect choice for special occasions, our sneakers are the ideal solution for everyday routine. You can rest assured that they will want to wear nothing else from morning to night! Shoes with lights built into the outsole are without doubt one of children’s favourites. This is why Geox’s e-shop boasts a vast selection of LED-light shoes designed to keep the fun coming step after step. If you are looking for new school shoes, a pair of casual sneakers are a perfect purchase. Children will not only be able to wear them with school uniform from Monday to Friday, they will also want them on after the bell rings for afternoons around town or any other routine engagement. If you worry about little feet getting wet each time it rains, choose our waterproof sneakers. If you want to bring a smile to her face, go for the Frozen sneakers. She'll be beside herself with joy and will benefit from all the comfort, well-being and protection she needs.