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Make sure he has the right footwear as he grows and hits his important milestones

Our collection of sneakers and sandals for baby boys and baby girls is really vast and updated with new styles all the time. Take a look at our virtual shop windows. You’ll be delighted to see how many new additions there are for all age brackets. From first-steps shoes to footwear for their adventuresome jaunts, there is something for everyone on geox.com thanks to a selection of items that covers all possible occasions. You can protect little feet from the wintry weather with a pair of breathable sneakers or you can brighten grey days with a pair of shoes featuring LED lights fitted into the outsole. In summertime, opt for light fresh footwear and get our sandals. If you are looking for an elegant style because there is a wedding, special event or fancy garden party on the horizon, take a quick look at the new additions to our collection. You are bound to find something to suit your tastes.