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Make her shine with these Disney Frozen shoes

A magical world of enchantment, fairies, adventures and mystery. Your little girl's dream will finally come true: she can embark on a journey into the Kingdom of Arendelle wearing her shoes from the Disney Frozen collection for girls. She must have imagined herself by Elsa, Anna and Olaf's side so many times as she watched the film, dying to share in their exciting adventures. Now you can grant her wish with the breathable sneakers and sandals from Frozen. With the shoes depicting Elsa, the heroine from Frozen, your little girl can become her favourite character just for a day - and in the meantime her feet will grow healthy, benefiting from the right amount of support. Little girls who live in a fairytale world of their own just need a pair of glittery shoes - a sure way to brighten up the most ordinary look. If you want to revive an outfit on a dreary day, choose one of the many breathable lightweight styles in our collection. The perfect complement to the jeans-and-sweatshirt look she can't live without. But there are also designs that lend themselves to pretty frocks or a romantic twirlable skirt for little girls who want to be real-life princesses! For girls who want to wander through a wintertime wonderland of ice, you can choose the comfort of the Frozen shoes with lights built into the outsole and watch her feet twinkle as she walks. The best styles? Sandals in summer and sneakers for the rest of the year: the shoes from the new Disney Frozen collection are bound to satisfy the most demanding snow queens in the family!