Our journey through comfort and style with our spokeswoman Penélope Cruz continues: an icon of authenticity and versatility, she is now putting her own spin on looks in the new S/S 24 collection.

Take city life in your stride

Take a leaf out of her book for everyday engagements: fuse well-being and style with the new loafers and embrace the fast pace of your day.

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Elegance in motion

Throw yourself into your off-duty activities and everyday routines alike: fall in love with the versatility of active-style sneakers and our new jackets for spring.

Geox Capsule Collection by Penélope & Mónica Cruz

Mediterranean flair and joie de vivre merge in this brand-new special capsule collection officially designed by Penélope & Mónica Cruz for Geox. Browse the exclusive limited edition of footwear and outerwear made with all kinds of women in mind.

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