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A piece of outerwear to fit each and every occasion

An ideal complement to everyday dressing and well suited to formal outfits as well, the women's jackets from the Geox collection are a marvellous combination of modern elegance and sheer functionality. Whether you are seeking out some urban edge or want a more feminine feel, you are bound to find a new piece of outerwear to refresh your wardrobe on There is a whole series of items available that will instantly revitalise your look with an on-trend touch. Enjoy early autumn days to the fullest and opt for one of our vests. Or plan for the cold weather ahead and treat yourself to a rain jacket from our Amphibiox™ range. A raincoat is a mid-season must if you want to keep looking stylish when the wet weather arrives and you still need to spend a large part of the day outside. A ’ waterproof coat will prove to be your best friend whether you need to commute to work in the morning or step out with friends for an evening drink. Do all you need to do and enjoy time out without having to worry about the weather forecast. Keep wet weather at bay and complete your city-style outfits with a windproof jacket made from a water-repellent fabric, or opt for a rain parka to stay protected and snug. Have one of our weightier coats at the ready in the wardrobe so you can take on plummeting temperatures without batting an eye. A padded puffer coat, a hooded bomber jacket, a waterproof jacket and a chic long coat are perfect ways to complete your winter outfits and be impeccable, whatever the occasion. But the Geox collection is much more than this. It also offers a variety of lightweight jackets for women: a spring trench coat, windproof jackets and ultralight down jackets with a comfortable breathable design that will stand you in good stead when the weather improves too. Discover our women's winter coats online and find the one that suits your individual style.