An easy closure and endless adventures: choose shoes for little explorers

Growing little feet deserve the best: the children's shoes in the Geox collection have been designed to deliver well-being and fun, and crafted with various closure systems that ensure a comfy safe fit. Shoes with elastic laces, riptape or a side zip? Pick the right ones for your children.


Opt for a pair of shoes with elastic laces which ensure an easily-adjustable foot entry and will be perfect for open-air activities in the midst of nature.


Complete everyday dressing with the new shoes with zip. In addition to being really easy to slip on, they provide outstanding levels of comfort all day long.


For term time, but for special occasions too: don't miss out on the ankle boots with elastic side for a quick foot entry.


Shoes with riptape strap are the most practical solution for schooldays and leisure pursuits. From running-shoe-inspired sneakers to retro-style ones: browse the models that contribute to a stable gait.

Get them ready for a new season of style with the latest models for children. Colourful sneakers for various daytime activities, waterproof ankle boots that are perfect in the rain too: inject some extra comfort into their looks with the latest arrivals in the Geox collection.

Comfortable, practical and extremely easy to put on too thanks to the various closure systems: check out the new styles designed to contribute to their well-being. Make sure they are free to have fun in the midst of nature with a pair of sneakers with elastic laces. Choose the comfort of sneakers with riptape strap or the practicality of ankle boots with elastic side for leisuretime or weekend activities. Don’t miss out on the zip-up models that provide a mixture of well-being and style, whatever the occasion. Browse all the latest arrivals for children.