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Everything starts with a deep breath

Everything starts with a deep breath

The original system devised by Geox which promotes breathability and combines a perforated sole with a breathable waterproof membrane.

Live your everyday life in freedom with Respira™ shoes. Browse the styles in the Geox collection designed to offer breathability and comfort from morning to night thanks to the original Geox-devised system which delivers perfect breathability. The membrane locks water out of the perforated sole while allowing sweat to escape, thus keeping the foot comfortable and dry throughout the day.

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Its special construction allows feet to breathe naturally.

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Breathability and heat regulation offer the utmost well-being, all day long.

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Finish off your look

Finish off your look

Browse Respira™ outerwear: Geox’s original system which offers optimal comfort while promoting breathability thanks to the breathing tap placed on the upper part of the garments.