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Ready for any weather

Ready for any weather

An environmentally-friendly system which combines an aeration tape on the shoulder with a wind-blocking waterproof lining. Designed to deliver comfort, breathability and protection from morning to night, whatever the weather.

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The breathable, wind-blocking and waterproof internal lining

keeps you fresh and dry, whatever

the weather is doing.

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The breathing tape on the shoulders is

fitted with a membrane which allows for

effective breathability.

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Comfort, breathability and peerless protection both around town and out in nature, whatever is happening with the weather.

Extraordinary levels of comfort and protection throughout the day, whether it be for weekday routine or weekend errands. Any Weather Condition is the latest clothing range featuring a waterproof wind-blocking lining which keeps you

snug and fresh, whatever the weather. The special breathing tape on the shoulder fitted with a membrane enables excess heat to escape, thus promoting effective breathability. Browse all styles and enjoy protection from morning to night, whatever the weather.