Our technological ranges

Transform the world you walk in

A perfect blend of lightness, cushioning and breathability: choose Spherica™ shoes and experience a stupendous sensation of softness with every step.

Rain goes over our head

Feet stay dry even in heavy rain thanks to the membrane in the outsole and the top of the shoe to ensure optimum waterproofing and breathability.

As light as air

Ultra breathability, an ergonomic design and the utmost comfort thanks to the special lining, perforated sole and breathable membrane.

Everything starts with a deep breath

The original system devised by Geox which promotes breathability and combines a perforated sole with a breathable waterproof membrane.

Ventilation in motion

Aerantis™ is the essence of technology: thanks to a dynamic ventilation system activated by movement and optimised by the materials, it boosts breathability and comfort.

Rainproof elegance

The formal flair of leather shoes meets Geox technology, giving rise to a collection with waterproof outsoles and breathable comfort.

Ready for any weather

A new range of breathable jackets which ensure comfort and protection whatever the weather thanks to an aeration tape on the shoulders and a special windproof waterproof lining.

Rain goes over our head

Special waterproof windproof fabrics for outerwear that outperforms in terms of waterproofness and effective breathability, even when it pours with rain.

Everything starts with a deep breath

Lightness, protection and well-being in a range of apparel that features a breathable waterproof membrane, bringing extra comfort to all your looks.