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As light as air

As light as air

Ultra breathability, an ergonomic design and the utmost comfort thanks to the special lining, perforated sole and breathable membrane.

All the benefits
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Optimised by a Geox-designed system that allows for optimal heat regulation inside the shoe.

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With an easy foot entry, it provides an excellent fit and proper support.

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With an ergonomic design, it ensures comfort and breathability, even when the going gets tough.

A hi-tech range which subverts the traditional concept of breathability thanks to a special interior lining with air pockets that create space between the foot and upper. This system enables heat to flow upwards and out, encouraging the body’s natural thermo-regulation process. With its ergonomic design, this system provides comfort and light feet on the busiest of days: it is ideal for long periods spent walking around town or whenever you are travelling. Explore the Nebula™ collection and inject even more comfort into your looks!