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GEOX, technology and innovation

The word GEOX is made up of Geo (from the Greek word for “earth”) and X (symbolising advanced technology developed in Italian laboratories and protected by patents on an international level).

This name captures the essence of our efforts and energies, our drive and know-how and our care and attention to detail, as we place research at the service of quality and everyday elegance.

We invest in innovation and create footwear and apparel to cosset you with all the comfort you deserve, boosting your levels of well-being and ensuring that you feel good at all times.

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This story began with an innovative idea

Our journey started with a trailblazing concept dreamed up by Mario Moretti Polegato, the founder and chairman of GEOX, who decided to make holes in the soles of his shoes in 1992 in order to let his feet breathe.

This simple yet powerful idea was rapidly brought to reality and gave rise to a series of successes over the years, from high-tech footwear solutions to innovative developments for apparel. It was thus that the principles of breathability and thermo-regulation became the hallmarks of our products.

Today, GEOX’s innovations are protected by over 60 patents and they are a testament to the company's commitment to technological progress and the future.


Our essence and mantra

A name which means much more than the features of a particular product. It is not only a motto. Respira™ (which means “breathe” in Italian) epitomises our philosophy and symbolises our unwavering commitment to create footwear and apparel which deliver breathability, performance, stylishness and technology.

Here at GEOX, we take an impassioned and resolute approach to research, innovation and ongoing experimentation because we want to bring you collections which provide blissful well-being and supreme comfort on a daily basis.

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We boost the sensation of well-being for people on the move

All that we do is driven by a desire to boost the sensation of well-being for people on the move throughout their day. We create beautiful and highly wearable innovative products because we firmly believe that comfort and style go hand in hand, keeping you strides ahead of the rest while feeling good and being the best version of yourself.

We create collections that actively fuse technological innovation and the latest fashions, paying close attention to details and basing ourselves on people's needs so each single product delivers comfort and well-being. And caring for people and the planet is not just about having an ethical value system, it means being consistently committed and putting into practice actions that reduce our impact on the environment and make us more sensitive to gender equality and accepting of diversity.

Geox stores: excellence in the retail sector

At Geox, innovation and style fuse to deliver a customer-centric shopping experience. Each single detail is carefully curated to make sure that you enjoy premium-quality products and omni-channel services in a distinctive welcoming atmosphere. From the courtesy and professionalism of our staff to an obsessive attention to details, Geox goes to extreme lengths to guarantee a shopping experience that exceeds expectations. Welcome to a world where your satisfaction comes before all else and where retail excellence becomes a shopper's way of life. With Geox, each step is an opportunity to discover retail excellence and fall in love with it.

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GEOX is synonymous with style and comfort for millions of people and families all over the world

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A broad distribution network which includes single-brand and multi-brand stores as well as franchises in over 100 different countries

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A shopping experience that is always ahead of the curve thanks to our omni-channel services