What exactly is the benefeet scheme?

The benefeet scheme is a reward-earning system that repays you for your shopping sessions and customer loyalty by converting each purchase into points which can then be turned into exclusive discount vouchers.

How do I join the benefeet scheme?

Signing up for the benefeet scheme is straightforward and free. Registration can be done either at one of our participating Geox stores or online.

Is signing up for the scheme and registering on the website free of charge?

Yes, signing up for the scheme and registering on is completely free of charge.

Does the benefeet loyalty scheme have an expiry date?

Yes, this scheme is valid for a year and differs from country to country. Please check the regulations for further details about when the scheme expires.

Who can join the benefeet loyalty scheme?

Final consumers of full legal age who have already signed up for the benefeet scheme or who sign up during the period of validity of the initiative are eligible for the promotion.

How do I collect points?

You earn points by shopping on or buying from Geox stores that are part of the scheme.

Can I combine the points collected from various different stores?

Yes, you can collect points from all the stores that are part of this scheme. The points will be automatically combined.

Are points collected when I shop online as well as when I purchase in store?

Yes, points collected both from stores and on are automatically summed up as long as purchases have been made in the same country and by the same benefeet user.

How many vouchers are envisaged for the loyalty scheme? And what vouchers are they exactly?

There are 4 vouchers, every time you reach a new level you get new benefits and discount coupons.

Can more than one discount voucher be used for the same purchase?

Yes, more than one discount voucher can be used for the same purchase.

How can I use my discount vouchers?

Discount vouchers can be used in any participating Geox store in the country (on recognition of the consumer's benefeet account before the receipt is issued) or on for purchases shipped within the same country.

Where can I check my point total?

If you are a benefeet subscriber, you can check your point total (as well as any discount vouchers you might have) on the store receipt or in your personal area of

How are points calculated if goods are returned?

Regardless of whether an item has been purchased from a Geox store or on, when it is returned, the base points earned from the purchase of said item are cancelled; the updated point balance will be shown on the receipt or on your personal benefeet page of