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Transform the world you walk in with Spherica™

If you are looking for footwear with an extraordinary cushioning effect, comfort and breathability, you've come to the right place because the Spherica shoes™ for men from the Geox collection will deliver all of that. Whether you are chilling out after work or enjoying a weekend tour of the city, experience the amazing sensation of well-being from the Spherica sneakers™ for men from the Geox collection. Boasting an innovative design and incredibly comfortable fit, the sneakers in this range were created to boost the sensation of well-being, even after long walks; they also feature a versatile laid-back aesthetic that will bring the best out of any look. A pair of all-white men's sneakers are certainly highly wearable, but try our colourful Geox Spherica™ as well - they are a marvellous way to refresh your seasonal repertoire and will provide a blissful sensation of well-being wherever you go. Then you can opt for a pair of lace-ups from the same range for an office-appropriate look or whenever you need to dress up for a formal occasion. On the other hand, if you want a pair of breathable shoes that will ward off the high summer temperatures, take a look at the new arrivals for men and prepare to be amazed by our hi-tech ultra-cushioning sandals. You will find them online in our e-shop together with Aerantis™ sneakers, Amphibiox™ shoes and all the rest of Geox’s technological range.