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Elevate any look with panache

These shoes are a foundation piece in any man's wardrobe, regardless of whether he goes for a classic aesthetic or a sporty style. Loafers are a great classic in any man’s closet and their appeal never palls. Geox's collection for men includes a huge assortment of styles with a breathable design that can be donned at any time of the year. Curated down to the tiniest detail and based on technology that ensures breathability and peerless comfort, the classic loafers on geox.com will stylishly complete any outfit. In autumn, when your summer shoes are too light but it still isn’t time to dig out your winter footwear, there could be no better solution that a pair of leather loafers. Don’t underestimate the style potential of a pair of suede loafers by day, provided it isn't raining. Be bold on informal occasions with vibrant hues. Get something red and inject some personality into your look. On the other hand, go for black or blue in the evenings and temper sober suiting with a touch of nonchalance. If you need footwear for special occasions, take a look at our selection of formal loafers. They feel super soft underfoot and you could make no better choice for a wedding, a party, special event or any other occasion. Plan ahead and take a look at our selection of lightweight loafers before the hot summer days arrive. They will be a key fine-weather piece that you will reach for again and again. You could opt for the styles in a classic colour palette or go for summery hues like white and beige. Be inspired by the Geox collection.