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Say yes to comfort

When there are no major events, formal engagements or special occasions on the horizon, take a relaxed attitude to life and pamper your feet with a pair of comfortable shoes. But what kind of design is best? You will definitely find a pair of casual shoes for men in the Geox collection that will fit into your lifestyle and suit your needs. Whether you are having an afternoon off or enjoying a leisuretime pursuit, cosset your feet with some underfoot comfort and get the breathable shoes from the Spherica™ range. The revolutionary outsole enhanced with the Zero Shock System will provide flexibility, lightness and softness as you walk. The comfy shoes created with Nebula™ technology not only deliver a cushioning effect, but also keep your feet fresh and pampered all the time. But the casual footwear from our collection is not only suitable for leisuretime pursuits, it can also be worn in any other circumstances when a formal dress code is not imposed. Look to our selection of sporty-looking leather shoes for a walk around town or a family meal - they will add a dash of style to any kind of look.