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Bolster her outfits with some extra protection.

They are an ideal way to keep chills firmly locked out in winter. An essential piece of clothing to keep her safe and protected throughout the rest of the year too. No look is ever complete without a piece of outerwear. Which is why Geox's collection of jackets for girls has so many different styles - you are bound to find one that suits her down to the ground. The padded jackets will keep her protected during the cold winter months without any loss of movement. You could also choose a hooded jacket, so she never misses out on outdoor playtime, weekend walks or fun weekday activities. With our comfortable breathable garments, she will feel perfectly at ease whatever she happens to be doing. Another wintertime jacket that will be a very worthwhile addition to her closet? A parka jacket is an ideal laid-back layer for little girls around town in the afternoon or out and about on Sundays with their families. Another solution could be a coloured jacket made from innovative materials that ensure a blissful sensation of well-being. For everyday styling, you can choose from lightweight puffer jackets and zip-front jackets: outerwear that children will always be happy to wear and practical solutions that will keep them looking and feeling good from the classroom to the gym changing room. A more versatile jacket to be worn in the evenings on more special occasions could come in handy? Explore the new arrivals in our virtual shop windows - you are bound to find something that suits her.