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Rainproof elegance

Rainproof elegance

The formal flair of leather shoes meets Geox technology, giving rise to a collection with waterproof outsoles and breathable comfort.

All the benefits
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Thanks to a piece of technology devised by Geox which locks water out while preserving the natural breathability of leather.

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Leather possesses a series of intrinsic qualities which imbue the sole with natural and effective breathability.

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A combination of a waterproof sole and natural breathability elevates any look with comfort and elegance.

A timeless collection of leather footwear fitted with a special waterproof and naturally breathable outsole which locks water out. A hi-tech range intended to lift formal looks with a stylish aesthetic while delivering comfort and elegance throughout the day, whether it be for important business meetings, fancy meals out or special family events. Enjoy a perfect balance between fashion and functionality and opt for the Cuoio collection!