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The unsurpassed comfort of Geox sweatshirts.

A sweatshirt is the ideal way to complete off-duty looks and weekend dressing, but the designs for men in our Geox collection have such immense styling potential that you could wear them on other occasions as well. Whether you are enjoying an afternoon walk around town or relaxing in the open countryside, opt for one of our hoodies. Matched to a pair of men’s sneakers or a piece of outerwear with an impeccable fit, you will impress with your contemporary panache without losing an iota of comfort. Choose between a black hooded sweatshirt, which will be very easy to match and mix, and one of our uplifting coloured versions in green, red or blue. has got something for everybody. And if practicality is a major consideration for you, go for one of our full-zip sweatshirts. Loaded with contemporary brio, they will lend themselves to formal ensembles and low-key outfits alike. If you pick something in a neutral shade, it will be entirely appropriate for the office as well. A summer-and-mid-season solution is definitely one of our cotton sweatshirts to be matched to jackets and lightweight anoraks, using them as an everyday outfit base. On the other hand, one of our pieces in cotton fleece is bound to keep you looking stylish and ward off the winter chills. Don it with a padded parka or men’s down jacket for warmth and comfort all day long. Otherwise you could opt for a sweatshirt made from sustainable materials that channel our respect for the environment. Take a look at all the models from the Geox collection online.