Frozy, cozy Winter

Light up your winter with stylish Geox footwear and clothing. Contemporary design and high technology to beat the winter frost with a touch of pizazz.

Winterproof style

Choose proper protection for your winter. Discover Amphibiox™ sneakers which are perfect for all weather conditions and round off your look with our breathable on-trend outerwear.

The spell of snow

The coldest time of the year is around the corner. Enjoy unforgettable winter weekends with your little boy and protect tiny feet with breathable ultra-comfortable Geox ankle boots.

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Classic-chic winter

Enjoy the soft cocooning embrace of Geox clothing crafted from premium breathable fabrics and boasting fine Italian design for a contemporary and comfortable outfit.

New season, new style!

Details make all the difference. Discover breathable fashionable Geox outerwear with top-of-the-range Italian design and take on the winter with stylish confidence.


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