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  • Amphibiox™: waterproof and breathable

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Leave a mark in any weather conditions

The secret behind an impeccable look even when it rains? Wearing a pair of shoes that will never let you down and keep your feet dry throughout your busy daytime routine. Geox's collection of Amphibiox™ shoes for women boasts a wide selection of shoes with a waterproof sole and upper and you are bound to find something that suits your tastes and fits the occasion at the same time. Whether you are doing the school run or rushing to the office for an important meeting, you can rely on the comfort and protection of our waterproof boots. The Amphibiox™ boots have been enhanced with a mixture of technologies to deliver well-being, breathability and waterproofness. They are the ideal way to elevate any kind of outfit with an extra touch. Try them with a shift dress and a cardigan for a day behind a desk. A wrap skirt and a cosseting pullover will be a perfect outfit for an evening out with your girlfriends. But if you like to be comfortable, another winning strategy could be a pair of skinny pants and an oversized shirt. In addition to the boots with a waterproof sole and upper, you could also choose a pair of sneakers that are based on the same technology - they will be perfect for situations that do not call for a particularly formal look.