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Adventure ready

When the weather is unpredictable, a pair of shoes with a waterproof sole and upper is definitely the best way to cover all bases. Geox's Amphibiox™ shoes for boys were designed to do exactly this - to shield your youngster’s feet from the rain from morning to night. Indeed, the range of Amphibiox™ footwear was designed to lock out any kind of bad weather and is made up of a selection of waterproof sneakers and boots that are not only comfortable and breathable, but impervious to the rain and puddles as well. Choose Amphibiox™ shoes for boys when wet weather strikes because their special impervious breathable membrane will ensure healthy dry feet for your youngster. You can choose a pair of boots with a waterproof sole and upper in winter, so he can keep on playing outdoors when it rains and enjoy splashing into puddles without you having to worry. An alternative to Amphibiox™ boots that can also be used at other times of the year when it is not so cold? The sneakers from the same range available in a wide array of vibrant colours guarantee waterproofness and the utmost grip. Discover all the styles on our e-shop.