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There will be no reason to worry about wet days

If you want to protect little feet against the vagaries of the weather, choose a pair of shoes with a waterproof sole and upper from our Amphibiox™ collection. You will find a wide variety of footwear in Geox's collection of Amphibiox™ shoes for baby boys and they will keep your little boy's feet protected and dry all day long. A pair of boots with a waterproof sole and upper will be a very useful wardrobe addition for harsh rainy winter weather. Your little boy will be able to wear them from early morning onwards for the early nursery run, afternoon playtime or fun at the local park. Because Amphibiox™ boots are a guarantee of the highest standards of waterproofness and will keep his little feet dry even if he goes splashing into puddles. Don't get caught out by sudden downpours in summer or the mid season and choose a pair of sneakers based on the same technology. Our e-shop offers all the latest styles which are perfect for any time of year.