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  • 1. Create your Return Authorization Number (RAN) by clicking here. A RAN will be required when filling out the Pro forma Invoice for Returned Goods.
  • 2. Fill out the Pro forma Invoice for Returned Goods that can be found along with the delivery packaging, and once completed, put include it with the return packaging. For returns outside of the European Union, attach 5 completed copies of the document. If you cannot find the Pro forma Invoice for Returned Goods, you can download the form here.
  • 3. To prepare for return and refund of your products follow the instructions of the courier. This information can be found on the return label which is in your package.

  • > Arrange a collection at home using the freephone number 803.160
  • > Drop off your package at one of the post offices with the “Fermo Posta” service. Find the nearest post office at the following link.
  • BRT:
  • > Do not stick the return label. This must be given by hand to the driver at time of return
  • > Contact Bartolini and arrange an appointment for the collection for your package. To book, contact the Bartolini branch nearest to you. Phone numbers can be found on the following link.

  • Note: When you call it is important to point out that the shipment will be charged to the consignee. Other couriers: You can choose another courier you trust, but in this case we will not refund the shipping cost of the return.

  • SHIP TO:
  • The Level Group / Geox Online Store
  • c/o ND Logistics Italia
  • Via Libertà 215
  • Bellinzago Novarese
  • Novara (NO)
  • 28043
  • Italy


  • > You can return any and all orders within 14 days of the delivery date, however you can only return an article from the country to which it was delivered.
  • > Return the article in the original condition: should your returned item not satisfy these condition, we reserve the right to refuse to give you a refund and the article will be returned to you.
  • > Should you return an item because it has a defect, you will also be refunded for all shipping costs.
  • > According with the “Free Returns” conditions, the shipping of the article through our courier to our warehouse will be at no cost to you.


Refunds will be made according to the method of payment used for the purchase:

  • > PAYMENTS VIA CREDIT CARD: the refund will be credited to the same Credit Card that was originally used to make the purchase. The time lapse required for this credit to appear will depend on the Credit Institute.
  • > PAYMENTS VIA PAYPAL: the refund will be visible in your Paypal account within 48 hours after receipt of the e-mail confirming the reimbursement.
  • > CASH ON DELIVERY :the refund will be made by means of a bank transfer to the bank account you have provided. The time required for the money to be credited to your account will depend upon the banking institution.
  • We will reimburse you within 30 working days after the date when the returned order is accepted and processed at our warehouse, and we will notify you via e-mail. For orders that have been cancelled prior to shipping, the reimbursement will be made no later than 3 working days after the cancellation request has been processed.
  • If your order has been sent to a country outside of the European Union, the taxes and customs duties cannot be reimbursed by us: try to contact your Customs Office directly to see if they can help you to retrieve these costs.