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Materials & Care


Smooth leather

Smooth leathers are those where the leather is processed on the grainy side, with the skin's outer surface on the outside. In spite of its name, the look of this type of leather can be smooth, grained, structured, shiny or matt.
Before treating this high quality material, all coarse dirt should be carefully removed with a soft cloth or a brush. For heavier soiling, we recommend a foam which should be put onto the cloth and then applied to the shoe.
When dry, treatment with a waterproof spray will guarantee protection from dirt and moisture. The leather can then also be treated with a cream from a tube or tin. This restores and moisturizes the leather after the effects of wear and cleaning. Allow half an hour for the shoe cream to work and then polish the leather with a cloth or brush. This not only makes it shine but also removes any excess shoe cream from the leather.

Nubuck and suede

Nubuck and suede, popularly known as wild leather or buckskin, are abraded leathers or rough leathers. With nubuck, the grainy or outer side of the leather skin exhibits fine, velvety, short fibres. Suede on the other hand is processed to show the inner side of the leather skin and appears altogether significantly more roughened, with the soft, supple fibres clearly visible.
To best protect both these types of leather, the material should be cleaned whilst dry. In case of heavy soiling, it can be wet cleaned with a foam product. To restore the fluffy appearance of the leather, roughen it up with a brush once it is dry. The shoe can then be waterproofed with a special nubuck leather spray and if required, with a product to refresh the colour. As soon as the shoe is dry, the leather must be roughened up again. Please note: do not use any products which contain grease or wax, since these will stick to the fine surface hairs of the leather.

Oiled leather and waxed leather

Oiled leather and oiled nubuck are leathers dressed on the grainy side, enriched with a high concentration of greases and waxes. Leather experts differentiate between waxed or greased smooth leather and greased nubuck leather (oiled nubuck).
We recommend a foam product to clean these materials. To retain the matt surface sheen, a special wax treatment is required. When dry, the leather should be treated with a generous application of special wax. Finally, restore a gentle, natural shine to the leather by polishing the shoe with a soft cloth.

Patent leather

Patent leather is leather or synthetic material with a special varnish finish of PVC or polyurethane. Its look can vary between smooth or embossed, or it can have a crumpled, wrinkled appearance. Also popular are patent leathers which have visible metallic pigments under the varnish layer.
Unfortunately, dust and dirt are immediately visible on patent leather shoes. Because of this, you will probably need to reach for the cleaning cloth more frequently. We recommend a gentle foam product for cleaning your patent leather. To retain the elasticity of the material, it needs to be treated with a care product that has appropriate conditioning additives. We therefore recommend that you treat your patent leather with a special liquid product or with a spray. Never use a grease-based product, since this will leave streaks on the patent finish. It is best to use a soft cloth for polishing. Since patent leather creases easily, you should always use shoe trees after you have worn your shoes.


Textiles are natural or synthetic materials which come in different forms and varieties. For example, they may be closely woven linen fabrics (canvas) or have the look of a light net (mesh). In their manufacture, they are often combined with other materials.
Textile based shoes are particularly susceptible to dirt and water, so they need careful treatment. Coarse dirt should first be removed with a brush before the shoes are intensively cleaned, using a foam product. For stubborn stains which remain after initial cleaning, the process should be repeated. Textiles should always be waterproofed when they are dry. This treatment will prevent particles of dirt penetrating the fabric weave.

Synthetic leather

Synthetic leather is a reasonably priced alternative to real leather. It is hard wearing, resilient and normally washable. Waterproofing spray is not suitable for this material. Also, shoe cream cannot soak into synthetic material, remaining as a sticky layer on the surface. As an alternative, we recommend the use of a gentle foam care product to clean and treat synthetic leather.

Combined materials

Material mixes are currently very popular. Shoes, clothing and accessories can all be creatively enhanced with the addition of fur, foils and prints.
Coarse dirt should first be removed with a brush. Then put a small amount of foam care product onto a cloth and rub it into the material. Once dry,waterproofing is recommended.

Geox cleaning and mainteinance instructions

  • In order to avoid damaging the membrane, do not clean holes with sharp objects or solvents.
  • Sole holes are self-cleaning, and their shape has been especially devised to avoid obstruction.
  • Do not machine-wash. Hand-wash with lukewarm water (max 40°C) and soap.
  • Remove the insole (when removable) before washing.
  • When drying, shoes should not be exposed to direct sunlight or placed near sources of heat.
  • Like all other shoes, Geox footwear must be stored in a dry and well-aired place.
  • Apparel

    Leather clothing

    To stop the leather becoming brittle and cracked, it should be treated with the same soft care product you use for leather shoes, which will keep the leather soft and looking like new.
    In any case, for cleaning and maintenance of your Geox Apparel, please follow carefully the instruction that you can find on the tag of each item.