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Waterproof and breathable

Waterproof and breathable

Special waterproof windproof fabrics for outerwear that outperforms in terms of waterproofness and effective breathability, even when it pours with rain.

All the benefits
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Special waterproof windproof fabrics ensure excellent performance levels, even when the rain sets in.

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The breathing tapes make sure that warm air and moisture escape, allowing for effective breathability.

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Crafted from cutting-edge materials, these jackets provide a reliable barrier against the wind.

For city engagements and outdoor walks alike: a hi-tech range designed to provide comfort and style while ensuring both maximum waterproofness and high levels of protection - even in the worst downpours.

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Finish off your look

Finish off your look

Feet stay dry and protected even in heavy rain thanks to a membrane which extends from the outsole to the top of the foot, ensuring the utmost waterproofness, comfort and breathability.