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Geox woman smooth leather lace up brogue shoes with exclusive Amphibiox technology. A special breathable and waterproof membrane is applied, not just in the outsole, but to entire shoe upper, repelling water away from the shoe exterior. This creates and mantains and ideal microclimate for your feet, which stay warm and dry, free to breathe naturally from the top and from the bottom of the shoe. In the traditional waterproof footwear the inner lining, not the shoe upper, is covered with a membrane, which surrounds the foot like a sock. Water can penetrate the shoe and thus remains stagnate between the upper and lining, keeping your feet cold. FULLY BREATHABLE: Optimal breathability for dry and comfortable conditions within the shoe. FULLY WATERPROOF: A new generation of waterproof technology that keeps water out whatever the conditions. THERMOREGULATION: Comfort in a full range of temperatures and conditions. LIGHTWEIGHT: New generation technology prevents water penetrating and accumulating inside the shoe.
    • Upper: Leather, Lining 90% Leather, 10% Textile
    • Sole type
    • 100% Rubber Sole
    • Heel height
    • High Heel

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