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Geox woman smooth leather lace up brogue shoes with exclusive Amphibiox technology. Amphibiox shoes reject water from the sole and upper thanks to an innovative technology, providing the best level of impermeability and thermal insulation according to needs. Moreover, they ensure an incomparable breathability. This model allows for an ACTIVE level of immersion: these shoes are perfect for outdoor activities in moderate or intense rain. Within Geox Laboratories , Amphibiox characteristics of waterproofness and breathability are continuously tested. But they have been tested also outside the Lab in the last three years: In 2012 we went to the rainiest place on earth, CHERRAPUNJEE – India, to prove the extreme qualities of this waterproof shoe collection; the year after WE MADE IT RAIN, literally: for the ultimate urban test, we made one guy live for 7 days in nonstop rain. This Year, we tested Amphibiox shoes IN ALL CONDITIONS and realized the first ever interactive 4D film where you control the story, by changing the weather. To have a glimpse of the testing behind the shoes have a look at
    • Upper: Leather, Lining 90% Leather, 10% Textile
    • Sole type
    • 100% Rubber Sole
    • Heel height
    • High Heel

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